PUPILS - please make sure you have permission from the school and your parents before you start.

1. Use a sheet of A3 or A4 paper:

2. With the paper in landscape, write your road safety message:

  • keep it short and make it easy to read

  • if you have a language other than English, think about writing your message in that language

3. Organise your photo:

  • it can be just you or you could do this with a group of school friends, or your class

  • do you want to include anything else, for example, Klang. You can download Klang materials on the Members Section of the JRSO site

4. Take the photo

5. Upload your #Safie (selfie) below:

 6. If you want, you can also send your #Safie to #SaveKidsLives

Don't forget to enter the competition too!… click here